Tickets to the AFC Championship

Looking for tickets to the Patriots/Colts AFC
Championship Game?

Don't get suckered by fake tickets or high service
charges when buying for the weekend playoff game
against the Indianapolis Colts, or for any other
event. In fact, the Massachusetts Office of Consumer
Affairs and Business Regulation has issued a weekly
Consumer Tip warning Patriots fans what pitfalls
to look out for. Buying tickets from the Patriots
directly is still the safest bet. When you buy from
a ticket broker or reseller in Massachusetts, you
may want to confirm its licensed by calling the
consumer affairs office at (888) 283-3757, or the
state Department of Public Safety at (617) 727-3200.
Interestingly, the public safety department only
allows ticket agencies to charge a fee of $2 over
the face value of the ticket, plus a reasonable
service charge, as determined by supply and demand.
For more details, including what distinguishes a
real playoff ticket from a counterfeit, go to