Start Those New Year's Financial Resolutions!
Dolores Kong

Don't feel guilty! Why not make them "Easter
financial resolutions" and get a fresh start this
Sunday? It's a season of rebirth and renewal as the
crocuses are blooming and the forsythia is budding.
So why not use this as a chance to renew your
resolution to get your finances in shape? If credit
card debt is a problem, set a deadline to pay it off
and create a plan to allow you to meet it. If
starting a retirement account is a goal, sign up for
some kind of automatic deduction from your paycheck
or your checking account and watch the money grow.
And if shopping 'til you drop is an issue,
substitute other enjoyable activities that don't
cost much and enrich you at the same time, like
strolling in the park with a friend or going to a
museum. For every little step you take toward
getting your finances in shape, reward yourself in
some way --- but without spending a lot of money!