Unhappy with a Purchase?
Dolores Kong

If you just bought a timeshare or joined a health
club, and you're unhappy about it, you have three
business days to cancel under Massachusetts law.
According to state law, the same "right to cancel"
also exists for certain products or services you buy
from door-to-door salespeople and for contracts you
sign with credit services organizations. But that's
about the extent of the state's three-day right to
cancel. So that means if you changed your mind about
something else you bought, you're at the mercy of
the individual business's return policy as to
whether you'll get your money back (although if the
merchandise is defective, you have a right to a
repair, replacement or refund, no matter what the
business's policy). That's why the Massachusetts
Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
recommends you understand a store's return policy
before you buy, particularly for big-ticket items.

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