In the Market for a Car?
Dolores Kong

Then know your rights! In Massachusetts, you have
certain consumer rights when you buy a car from a
private party or from a dealer under such statutes
as the "used vehicle warranty law", the "Lemon Aid
Law", the "odometer law", and the "new and leased
car lemon law.

For instance, if you buy a car from a private party,
the seller is required to inform you of known
defects that impair the safety or use of the car
under the "used vehicle warranty law". If you find
the defect yourself and can prove the seller knew
about it and failed to tell you, you have the right
to cancel the sale within 30 days of purchase. The
seller must refund the money you paid, minus 15
cents per mile you've driven the car.

For more details, check out the state Office of
Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation's consumer
guides to the Massachusetts lemon laws: