College Debt
Dolores Kong

With so many college students graduating with large
debts along with their diploma, why not consider a
gift that can help them manage their personal
finances? You can find any number of personal
finance books to address such issues as managing
debt, saving for a new car or condo, or investing in
a 401(k). Among some of the titles targeting young
adults are Get A Financial Life: Personal Finance In
Your Twenties And Thirties and The Complete Idiot's
Guide To Personal Finance in Your 20s and 30s (2nd
Edition), both of which are available at

The college grad in your life may also benefit from
a session with a financial planner to, for example,
explore the advantages and disadvantages of student
loan consolidation, or find out why it's important
to take advantage of retirement plans even though
age 65 seems so far away. For a referral to a
fee-only financial planner in your area, go to or