Be a Savvy Credit Card User!
Dolores Kong

Just because you have a credit card, doesn't mean
you've got a license to charge up a storm with no
plan for paying the debt off. Yet a recent survey
suggests that's how many Americans treat that piece
of plastic in their wallet, no matter what their
income. The average credit card balance that people
have on their cards is as much as 8-16 percent of
their annual income. This is true for people making
$20,000 a year and for people making $75,000 a year,
according to an April Gallup Poll of 1,000
consumers, as highlighted on

Here are some ways to be a savvy credit card user:
1) Try to pay off the whole balance, or as much as
you can, but definitely more than the minimum. 2)
Don't charge things that you can't pay off quickly.
3) Choose a low-rate card.

For tips about being a savvy first-time credit card
holder, check out this article on the Massachusetts
Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation's