Watch Those Rates!
Dolores Kong

With the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) widely
expected to raise interest rates later this month,
you'll want to keep your eye on those rates whether
you're a saver or a spender. If you're looking to
reinvest a CD that's maturing, you may want to
consider holding off locking it into a long-term
certificate. Otherwise you may regret tying up the
money at relatively low rates, when they may be
higher in 6 months. But if you're looking to buy or
refinance a home, you may want to consider locking
in the rate if you're worried about a spike making
the loan less attractive. To check out the latest
rates for everything from credit cards to CDs,
mortgages to car loans, go to You
can even sign up for a free e-mail rate alert, which
will let you know about changes in 3-month CDs or
mortgages, at