Gifts for Grads and Dads
Dolores Kong

Instead of a trendy tech gadget that won't last for
the Grad in your life, or another old-fashioned tie
for dear old Dad, why not consider a gift with the
potential to grow in value and/or get their finances
into shape?

A Web site for individual stock investing is
offering an investor starter kit and the "gift of
stock for graduation," useful not only for grads but
anyone just starting out. Go to
for more information about the $24.95 kit, which
also includes $25 toward a new account, "The Wall
Street Journal Guide to Understanding Personal
Finance", and a free one-year subscription to Smart
Money magazine.

Or you can give Dad and the Grad a session with a
financial planner. Call the Financial Planning
Association of Massachusetts' toll-free referral
line, at (866)804-0484.