Clip a Coupon, Save Money!
Dolores Kong

In celebration of the Sixth Annual National Coupon
Month this September, why not be among the consumers
who use nearly 4 billion coupons a year for a total
of $3 billion in savings? A new survey released by
the Coupon Council of the Promotion Marketing
Association lists among the top 10 coupon types in
2002: household cleaners, condiments and gravies,
frozen prepared foods, medications, and home
remedies. The survey also shows coupon clippers are
young and old, low-income and high-income, with more
than 70% of each category using coupons at least
once in a while. For more information, go to or
But remember, don't buy an expensive brand name
product you normally don't use, just because you
clipped a coupon for it.