Heating Prices Heating Up
Dolores Kong

With winter around the corner, and oil and gas
prices sure to be high, this is a good time to
review money-saving strategies for the heating
season. If you heat with oil, this may be a good
time to shop around for a fixed price or capped
price contract.

The Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources posts
weekly home heating oil price surveys on its Web
site this time of year (www.mass.gov/doer) along
with other tips.

You should also perform routine maintenance on your
oil burner for more efficient performance. And
whether you heat with oil, gas or electric, you
should take advantage of energy efficiency programs
by calling (866) 527-SAVE.

Finally, you should find out if you may qualify for
fuel assistance programs, available beginning
November 1st, by calling (800) 632-8175.

For more tips, check out this release from the state
Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation